Worship Services


8:00 am
11:00 am

Merrick Park Baptist Church Queens, NY
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Children's church every 1st, 2nd, & 4th Sunday 11am
Sunday School 9:30 am
Wednesday Noon Day Prayer
New Members Classes 5:45 pm
Family Life Bible Study 6:30 pm

Welcome to Merrick Park Baptist Church

Located in the Southeast section of Queens, NY, Merrick Park Baptist Church holds a great position of community care and commitment for nearly 82 years. The church is poised in this new millennium to continue to increase it’s effectiveness by reaching a new generation for Jesus Christ. Properly poised to make dynamic strides for the 21st century, Merrick Park Baptist Church, will continue to be a Generational Family Church where faith is a perpetual lifestyle.

The emphasis of Merrick Park Baptist Church's mission is to create a synergistic, empowered church prepared for success and destiny fulfillment. We believe the challenges of the 21st century require this.